Top 13 Places to Live in Jaipur With Family

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Top 13 Places to Live in Jaipur With Family

Date : May 10, 2022

13 Best Places to Live in Jaipur - Posh Areas in Jaipur

You have decided the right thing by choosing your new home in Jaipur. Jaipur which is famous as pink city and it is the capital of Rajasthan. Though, we understand that you might have a battle to choose one of the best places to live in Jaipur with family and you don’t have any idea.

There is a fun fact about Jaipur city, it was the first city planned in India.

Not only this, but Jaipur is the most favorite destination of tourists throughout the world. To know everthing about Jaipur you can check this complete guide about Jaipur the pink city.

As you know that Jaipur is one of the fastest growing cities and it is a well-maintained city that has malls, airports, hospitals and metro services on its plate, at a reasonable rate. The attractive and unique thing in the natives of Jaipur you will get to see is that they love their roots and they hold it so tightly. You won’t get bored in this beautiful city but if you don’t find anything to pass your time then you can come to the villages of this city.

Once upon a time, people used to stay in Jaipur they were totally dependent on the business jewelry and gems along with the tourism. By the going time many of the IT or ITES industries rooted their foot here. This led to a growing population and as a result, this city is going to be the next IT hub. Jaipur is a well-planned city which will lead you to experience the blend of old and new era. You can walk across the city Jaipur and feel the aura of simplicity and elegance with your eyes.

However, by walking across the city, you might be getting tired and you might want to come to your house to take rest. Choose the area which suits you based on the area’s specialties.

When you are attracted to have your own nest in Pink city then would find it interesting to know that it is the first planned city of the country. Not only this, but Jaipur is one of the most loved tourist places of the country and it also have it's international tourism records as well.

It is the fast pacing and growing city with many malls, airports, hospitals, metro services with everything related to modern life facilities offered at affordable charges.

The people here in Jaipur have their soul filled up with religion, festivals and culture that makes them different from rest of the people. So, when you are bored from your planned trips you would need to make sure to that you pay a visit to nearby villages of Jaipur. Everything looks so blissful and soothing that you would want to live there for eternity. This is the point when you decide to search for best places to live in Jaipur yo have your own nest finally in Jaipur. If you are also the one searching for best locality to have your own house, then make sure to follow till the end.

13 of the cheap and best locality to have house in Jaipur


You can find this area in South Jaipur growing rapidly. You can find top notch hospitals, schools, engineering universities, IT firms etc for your basic requirements. If you are looking for some of the best locations to live in Jaipur with your loved ones then you should consider a nest around this place. Jagatpura is connected with places like Sitapur, Malviya Nagar providing hassle free transportation.

Nearby famous places : Golden Era Academy, Pataliya Hospital, Vivek Vihar Park, Tejaji Temple, etc.

Moving ahead in this list, are you a student shifting in Jaipur for further studies?

You might want to have the place where you can meet with basic needs at ease with affordable schooling fees. Then the next place is designed just for you.


The other popular area in Jaipur is Mansarovar as students, bachelors and families love this place. As this area offers easy reach to cafeterias, malls, hospitals, etc to serve daily needs of people easily. This place is known to be the education hub because you can find education facilities by just walking two minutes from your house. More interestingly this reason has led this area to be a favorite of newcomers.

Worried about transportation?

Mansaovar has got it all covered by giving you the facility of metro connectivity.

Nearby famous places: Kids Club School, Kidosphere, Cubeheap Technologies, Flying Machine store, Woodland Park, Saket Hospital etc.

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Wait! Are you searching for some of the best places to live in Jaipur with family along with competitive rates?

Then you are at the right place because we have got the area which is called a C-scheme. It is one of the posh areas in the city, you can even get to stay in a luxury apartment for rents. Not only this, if you are a Golf lover, then this place is what you have been throbbing for.

Walking around the area, you can find metro stations, schools, hospitals, super markets along with some fun parks very easily. If you don’t want to face the hassle of shifting in with your furniture then you can opt for fully furnished flats, houses with Hi-Tech securities, glass elevators and connectivity of Wi-Fi or internet as well.

Nearby famous places: St. Xavier Schools, SMS hospital, Central Park, Statue Circle, MI Road etc.

Kalwar Road

Are you the one searching for residential modern flats along with basic amenities?

Then book a night at Kalwar Road because it’s the permanent solution for this search. So yeah, the next place we have in the list of best places to stay in Jaipur is Kalwar Road. This place is linked to many of the schools and one of the biggest malls of Jaipur which is Jaipur Triton. The feature which makes it unique from the other places is that it provides a traditional environment including 2 and 3 BHK flats or even villas. Some of the key facilities that you might be interested in: parks, indoor games, garden, clubhouse, gym, pool etc. Nearby famous places: Exotica, Okay Plus Group, Sikar Road, Jaipur Triton etc.

Malviya Nagar

Working professionals want to reside in the familiar environment. Which is why we are here at Malviya Nagar. It is one of the most preferred areas for the commercials. Which makes it one of the best places to live in Jaipur for those who want to reach their office with ease along with handling their family as well and you can take the help of local packers and movers in Malviya Nagar Jaipur to relocate here.

This area is popular as an active commercials center let alone the industries and firms that started here, making it first choice for officials. However, Malviya Nagar is also famous for some of the top-notch IT firms such as Genpact, Gaurav Tower, World Trade Park, etc. One of the down-fall about this area is that the residential charges are quite expensive as this area offers a high-class location facility where you can get a stable life.

Nearby famous places: St. Edmund’s School, Octa IT Solution, Jawahar circle, GT Central Mall, Ghiya Hospital etc.

Moving further we would like to take you on a walk to the earthquake proof area. Isn’t it exciting? Then you might love the next best residential locations to live in Jaipur which is one stop solution for your house in Jaipur.

Takhteshahi Road

The area which promises you safety from earthquakes, Takhte Shahi road. It is situated at a walking distance from many of the souvenirs of Jaipur. You can find super luxurious and fully equipped 4BHK flats or even apartments as well. One of the attractive things is that this place is the heart of Jaipur.

Houses are built with many of the high-end materials while constructing them. The building design just soothes your eyes. Basic amenities such as clubhouse, swimming pool, air conditioning system and everything, you can imagine. All in all, making it the best place to live in Jaipur for you.

Nearby famous places: University of Rajasthan, MotiDoongri Temple, Birla Mandir, Pulse Mall, Ram Bagh Palace Hotel etc.

In this list, we covered the best places to live in Jaipur with family along with the ease of basic needs availability. Be it your parent’s health, even your kid’s studies, even for your further studies, for refreshing your mind you can find a place where you can stop by. Choose the area that triggers your choice and tell us what area you are going to opt for.

Tonk Road

The roads in Jaipur has emerged as a one of the posh areas in Jaipur that you may want to experience. As there are two groups contributing into the development which are ARG Group and Okay Group. When you are looking out to have a posh and classy looking house in Jaipur then you must consider Tonk Road. The area offers great infrastructure facilities and is well connected to the city. Here are facilities listed:

a- Temples

  • Hanuman Mandir
  • Neelkanth Mandir
  • Ram Mandir, etc.

b- Famous Schools

  • Sanghi Public School
  • LBS Public School
  • VSI international English medium school, etc.

c- Beautiful Parks

  • Nehru Bal Udyan
  • Mahesh Park, etc
  • If you are a greenery lover then you must check out the next option.

Civil lines

The next up place in the list of residential areas in Jaipur is Civil lines. The place is known for its greenery and delightful climate. This area has been transformed as the best residential areas that people prefer. Also it has some big names into the real estate projects.

The area is suitable for those who are planning to move in with their family as it has got best infrastructure, facilities and is even directly connected to railway station and international airport.

Let's get to know some famous places in one of the safest areas to live in Jaipur :

a- Famous Schools

  • Wonder Kids School
  • Kidzee PreSchool
  • Jaipur Public school

b- Parks

  • Civil lines park
  • Hassanpura Public Park
  • Yash colony park

c- Temple

  • Sai Baba Temple
  • Ganesh Temple
  • When you want to stay connected to your roots then the next place is made just for you.

Chokhi Dhani

It is one of the beautiful and best places to live in Jaipur where the definition of beautiful can't be completed with just one word. This place is also known as the Rajasthani village themed place. However, it attracts tourists more than any other areas of the city. This gives a unique and astounding experience to the visitors coming across the globe.

Let's find out some famous places in here :

a- School

  • Bas Bilva School
  • The victory school

b- Parks

  • Apex circle park
  • Poornima central park

c- Temple

  • Bholenath Mandir
  • Sai baba Mandir

When you are a bachelor or working professional then you may have to do up and down from your working area or college to your house. This is why next we have included residential areas in Jaipur best suited for bachelors, working professionals.


This place is situated by northern-west area of Jaipur. However, it is one of the most preferred residential areas in Rajasthan. It provides easy and quick access to local buses, railway station and other transport medium. And, this is why this is the first choice of working professionals or students.

Let's find some famous places in this safest areas to live in Jaipur :

a- Park

  • Rahmaniya Park
  • Alpha Park

b- Temple

  • Vaishno Devi Mandir
  • Khatu Shyam Mandir

c- School

  • Kids Care International School
  • Somani International School

Ajmer Road

Want to live your life in well organized and have luxurious lifestyle? Then here is one of the posh areas in Jaipur calling your attention. This is the place where you can have a high-salaried job and well furnished house under your budget. This area has seen a lot of improvement in different avenues such as residential and infrastructure spaces.

Let's get to know some popular places here in Ajmer Road :

a- School

  • Ebenezer Academy
  • Learning Step School

b- Park

  • Maharaja Shivaji Park
  • Gandhi Nagar Park

c- Malls

  • Anchor Mall
  • Vocal Bags

Bapu Nagar

Another option for those who wants to move in Jaipur with their families which is Bapu Nagar. This area is well-maintained residential areas in Jaipur. Again this places provides easy access to fully furnished flats within your budget.

You can easily be connected to the essential facilities such as malls, hospitals, schools etc as well. Apart from that it has great connectivity to transport system which makes it suitable for families and bachelor's.

Some famous places in Bapu Nagar

a- School

  • St Peter`s School
  • Shri Gandhi Gyan Mandir

b- Park

  • Park Bapu Nagar
  • Charu Garden

c- Famous places

  • Nehru Bal Udyan
  • Hawa Mahal

Amer Fort Road

The last option on the list of best places to live in Jaipur is Amer Fort Road. When youw ant to live a royal lifestyle, you must consider to have a house here in Amer Fort Road. This place has got mountains, royal road Amer fort itself and long long journey to Kingly Palace. You can easily travel to the times of king, battles and even history of the place. You can even get a beautiful look of whole Jaipur just in a sight.

So, when you are planning to move into Jaipur you might want to have your house in one of the best places to live in Jaipur, make sure to checkout the list and please tell us if we have missed any point.