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Happy HouseWarming Wishes, Quotes

Date : February 24, 2022

It's a really big thing to change your residential location and start living into a new place and you just leave a bunch of memories in your old house. For some of the people it's really an opportunity of happiness and they want to cherish it. And, it's our duty to wish and greet them with some sweet housewarming wishes for their new avenue in their life.

As their loved ones it's your duty to mention their abode in a way that it represents the brighter side of this move to them. Make sure to make this wish a generic gesture and customized to make them happier.

This is the time that you need to check if they're seeking for help so you can offer them to bring food or a dog walk or day care, etc. With a sweet wishes for house warming, you have the opportunity to watch them unpack things. If you have the knowledge as if their relocation was long distance then you have a great idea which is you can order them pizza and snacks so that they get a warm welcome in their new nest.

Not only this, but when you get treated sweetly into your new house then it feels really great. You can even greet them with some griha pravesh wishes which will be a great beginning to them.

Now, that you are searching for the best housewarming greetings then you need to follow this page without even skipping a bit. So let's get started.

Sweet Housewarming Wishes To Say Your Loved Ones Happy New Home

New House Congratulation Wishes

1. Happy New Home! – May the walls ring with love and laughter!

2. Congrats! Happy New Home, Lisa and George!

3. New Home – New hopes to hope, new memories to make. Congrats, Nate and Piper!

4. Happy New Home – Happy Unstacking! Happy Unpacking! Happy New Home!

5. A new home is a place for memories to be made and dreams to come true. Congratulations.

6. Welcome Home – It’s the perfect place for you, Lily! Congratulations!

7. Congrats on the move – Hope your settling in is smoothing out, Britt and Sara!

8. New Home – New to you to do your style, your personality, your life. It’ll be great, Amanda!

9. New Home – Enjoy. Cherish. Embrace. Congrats, Dan and Kim!

10. New Home – I know where you live. White or red? Can’t wait to see your new place!

11. Raise the roof! Lift the laughter! So great you found a new place, Carter!

12. Congrats on your cozy new place, Greta! May joy fill every room!

13. A brand new key, a brand new place, a happy smile upon your face. Congratulations!

14. Congratulations! What a great feeling to move into your new house! Wishing you all the best, Rob.

15. New beginnings. New memories, New home. Congratulations, Cam and Alex!

16. Your New Home – Congratulations!

17. New Home – All the best in your brand new nest! Congrats, Michael and Ella!

18. Congratulations – Hope your new neighbors aren’t assholes.

19. Congrats on your new place! The cat playground phase is temporary. Promise. Enjoy!

20. New Home – May the happiest days find your new address, Mark and Anya!

21. Congratulations on your new nest! You’ll make it inviting and lovely, just like you, Keira

22. “Home is the nicest word there is.” (Laura Ingalls Wilder) So happy such a nice thing has happened to you! Congratulations, Riley!

23. May your new house always feel like home? Congratulations on this huge milestone!

24. New Home Congratulations – A cozy new nest? Wish you all the best!

25. Happy New Home – May every room fill up with joy!

26. Brand new address? Yes! Congratulations, Pat and Kelly!

27. With a house as nice as yours, I’ll be your new unofficial roommate! Congrats on being the coolest homeowner I know!

Are you on a hunt to find some gruhapravesam wishes, messages or quotes? Then we are here to help you with the same. We have created a collection of some housewarming wishes, messages and quotes that you can send to your loved ones who are going to host a housewarming ceremony or Griha pravesh party.

As you know that a house warming event is also known as Griha pravesh or gruhapravesam which is an auspicious ceremony or party that is thrown by an home owner when they get shifted into a new house. However, moving is one of the major life experiences in our life. It's a moment that you want to celebrate with your near and dear ones.

It is quite obvious that this function is more likely to be held on the same day as an individual gets into their new nest. You can greet them with wishes for house warming ceremony which can bring precious smile on their face. But it's not mandatory that one has to throw party the same and it can be done later as well. Hence, the house owner needs to throw this party within 10 days of shifting into their new residential location.

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Short House Warming Wishes

Short House Warming Wishes

Now, that you want to wish your loved ones with some quick and short wishes, your search ends here. You have the choice to put your wishes into a card or express them in person. It's the era of technology and you have the choice to express your feelings on digital platforms such as WhatsApp, telegram, SMS, email, etc. These wishes are meant to express your happiness in other's happiness and you can curate these house warming congratulations as you want. Here are the short wishes.

1. Wishing you a fruitful life in your new home.

2. May your new home be a foundation for many happy memories!

3. May your new home be filled with laughter and love!

4. May your family and you grow old and happy together in your new home!

5. Please accept my best wishes for your new home.

6. All the best in settling into your new home.

7. May you create years of happy memories in your new house!

8. Relax, take it easy and enjoy that brand spanking new home of yours!

9. May your new home be blessed with happiness and joy!

10. Best wishes on moving into your new house.

What To Write In A House Warming Card

It is always exciting when someone you know moves into a new house. Whether it’s a young person settling into their very first apartment or a family moving to a bigger house with room to grow, you can share in their excitement with a housewarming card or note that offers warm words of congratulations on their new place.

Whatever you write in your house warming card but always write what your heart said for your loved one, share your real emotions with them. You can feel great about celebrating along with someone who has just found a new place to live, laugh, dream, grow and make memories forever.

We’ve collected some housewarming wishes and message examples that look at housewarming from different angles to help you zero in on what you most want to say.

Short Griha Pravesh Wishes WhatsApp (गृहप्रवेशबधाईसन्देश)

Short Griha Pravesh Wishes WhatsApp

1. Best of luck and I’m really hoping you and the neighbors get along!

2. You can finally put your feet up and have a rest! All in your new home. Best wishes.

3. Wishing you a happy moving day and quick settling in.

4. We’re so pleased you’ve found what you wanted in a home. Enjoy it!

5. I’m so excited for you – your first home! Enjoy it.

6. Happy moving-in day neighbor! Looking forward to getting to know you.

7. Home sweet home! Or at least it is now!

8. Best wishes on the new house. I can’t wait to see it.

9. May those who visit your new home feel the love residing there!

10. Welcome to the neighborhood! If you need anything don’t hesitate to ask.

Wishes for Families (परिवारकेघरमेंप्रवेशकीबधाई)

Wishes for Families

1. And relax. Put your feet up and enjoy your beautiful new home.

2. Many congratulations! We hope your little family is settling in nicely.

3. You're our favorite people, and the fact that you've found your forever home fills us with joy.

4. We can't wait to pop round for a cuppa and visit you all.

5. House is being surrounded by all of the people we love the most.

6. We hope this becomes an extraordinary place and wish you all the best.

7. May your family have many happy years in this new place.

8. A beautiful family and a lovely home. Absolute perfection.

9. This house is fantastic. I'm so thrilled for you all.

Wishes For House Warming Ceremony For SMS

Wishes For House Warming Ceremony For SMS

Your wishes can make someone's day and when you wish someone who is moving or has shifted then they get boost up in their confidence level. So don't forget to make them feel special. Make them acknowledged about your happiness with their new achievement.

1. Congratulations on your lovely and sweet new home.

2. Congratulations on your new home and all of the memories that it will soon house.

3. Wishing you all the very best settling in and making it your own. Congratulations on your new home!!

4. Congratulations dear! I am so happy about your new home. Now you have a place of your own with your family. May God bless your new home always!

5. Congratulations on moving into your new house! I wish that you may only experience all the sweet comforts and happiness as well with your entire family member.

6. A house with walls joined by trust, love, and commitment needs no other decoration. Congratulations!

7. Congratulations! May your new home add to your joys, multiply your successes, subtract your losses, and divide your sorrows. Congratulations on your new home.

8. A home is a haven for love, memories, and happiness. Congratulations on getting yours.

Funny Gruhapravesam Wishes

Funny Gruhapravesam Wishes

It gets really happening when you add some touch of laugh into your wishes. When you add laughter into someone's life you get double of it into your life as well. This is why we have got some collection of funny wishes for your loved ones that you can send them. Make their first day into their new house full of laughter. Here you go.

1. Congratulations and welcome to the world of leaks, repairs, and ballooning payments!

2. Enjoy being the master of your new home unless you are getting married! Congratulations.

3. Congratulations dear neighbor… be sure to send your Wifi password to me. Thanks in Advance!

4. Congratulations! So... I’ll take the couch then?

5. Hey! Congratulations. Now I know my new address. Thanks!

6. If I ever get high, now I know where to go! Winks!!!

7. Congratulations on your new home! I hope your neighbours have unsecured wifi.

Blessings and Prayers for a New Home

Blessings and Prayers for a New Home

No wonder it feels so natural for many of us to either bless or pray over a friend’s or family member’s new place. Here we are presenting a few blessings quotes to send your loved ones.


1. “May your new house be blessed with warmth, love, and togetherness?”

2. “Praying your new home will be a blessing to your family.”

3. “Moving into a new home is such an exciting time! I pray that the process goes smoothly for you and that the joy of finally being there outweighs any stress or worries.”

4. “Bless your family’s new home. May its walls always shelter you? May its warmth always comfort you. May its rooms fill up with happy memories year after year?”

5. “Praying a special blessing of peace and protection over your beautiful new home.”

6. “God bless your family as you settle into your new home and through all the years you share there.”

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Finally, Find A New Home After A Bad Relationship

Sometimes a move to a new home is the result of difficult circumstances, such as divorce, job loss, the death of a spouse, or the need to downsize to a smaller or more accessible space. In those instances, send these quotes & messages to acknowledge the difficulty while also offering hope for brighter days ahead in the new place.


1. “Congratulations on your new home! I hope it will be a great place to make a fresh start.”

2. “Sending good thoughts your way as you get settled in your new place. I know it may take some time, but I’m wishing you every happiness there.”

3. “Congratulations on finding a more accessible place to call home. I hope you’ll be so happy there—and a lot more comfortable, too.”

4. “This must be a tough time to make a move, but I think you made a great choice. Best wishes to you in your new home.”

5. “Wishing you simpler, happier days ahead in your new home!”

6. “Here’s to your new home—may it be a welcome change of scene and a place where you can heal, move forward and be happy.”

7. “It might be hard to think of it as home at first—especially without hubby there to share it with you. But I hope that time brings healing and a feeling of belonging in your new place.”

Warm Closings

A warm closing before your signature adds a nice finishing touch. Please choose one of ours, or come up with one of your own.


  • Congrats,
  • Congratulations,
  • Warmly,
  • Best wishes,
  • Warmest wishes,
  • Love,
  • With love,
  • Lots of love,
  • Love always,
  • Much love to you,
  • All my/our love,
  • Love you,
  • Love and prayers,
  • Best,
  • All the best,
  • Wishing you all the best,
  • Blessings,
  • God bless,
  • Overjoyed,
  • Wishing you every blessing,
  • Sincerely,

Final Thoughts

We know shifting to a new home is not an easy task; so much effort, money, and emotions are involved. If you successfully hire expert Jaipur packers and movers, your life is sorted then you easily enter your new home.

After reading the article on housewarming wishes, griha pravesh wishes, messages, and quotes, I Feel pleased if you find the best wishes messages and quotes to send your loved ones who are moving into a new home and hosting a housewarming party.