Best Places to Visit in Jaipur

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Best Places to Visit in Jaipur

Date :Oct 25, 2019

Are you a huge fan of experiencing the royal and bygone era? Does the royal looking palaces and thrones enthuses you to the fullest? Not only this but you want to experience the remarkable sun rising scenery as well? If all the answers regarding these questions is yes then it’s not easy for you to miss visiting Jaipur, Rajasthan. Along with these exciting things you can get to a ride where you can enjoy elephant riding which will take you to the villages, forests and wherever you want, explore everything about Jaipur here. Want to get an exciting list of the best place to visit in Jaipur? just start packing your bags and at the same time, keep following this post to the end. Let’s begin with the exciting map of must visit places in Jaipur.

1. Hawa Mahal - The palace of wind

There’s no best position best for the Hawa mahal other than being number one in the list of best place to visit in Jaipur. It’s the most famous palace of the city. This palace was constructed in 1799, it contain five floors where you can see many of the small row of windows and some screens. This windows fill this palace with overwhelming air and give justice to the name of palace. These windows were built for the women of this mahal, so that they can enjoy the scenery of the city without being noticed. You can enjoy the panoramic view from the top of this palace.

2. Jantar mantar

The second most famous place in Jaipur stands next to Hawa Mahal in the list of best places to travel in Jaipur. This fort was built by the King Jai Singh between the year1727 to 1734. This palace name actually means to be calculation instrument. You will get stunned to know that this place not only offers the sculpture but have also obscure many of the astronomical functions as well. This instrument was used in the ancient time to get the idea of time. When you have got this much facts about Jantar Mantar then what are you waiting for? Come to explore this place with your bare eyes.

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3. Amber fort and palace

After enjoying a ride of half an hour from the main city, you are advised to experience this fairytale which is Amber fort waiting for your visit. This place is situated at hill near Maota lake which makes this place to sit on the first position on the list of best places to travel in Jaipur. This place is said to be the home of Rajput rulers and then the construction of the city Jaipur started. One of the center of attraction of this place is Anokhi Museum famous for printing blocks situated near the fort.

4. City palace

Don’t trust that the royal family of the Jaipur was one of the richest family in India?, then come visit this beautiful palace which never fails to spread it’s karisma. This palace is the sole proof that Jaipur had one of the richest family in India. However, this place is on third place in the list of best places to visit in Jaipur because this palace has mixed architecture of Rajasthan and Mughal along with this it is surrounded by some courtyards, gardens and many scenic buildings. If you can visit this place by night then you may get to see some of the delightful lighting show and outstanding sound as well.

5. Nahargarh fort

Do you love the Bollywood movie “Rang De Basanti” this is the spot where your favorite film was pictured. This place is also known as Tiger fort and standing nearby Aravali hills where you can get the stunning look of full Jaipur city. The amazing thing is that you can come here to find peace and along with that adore the sunset and this special thing makes it to be in the list of best places to travel in Jaipur. You can also get to enjoy some drinks and snacks at the café which is not far from the fort, they serve alcohol until 10pm.

So these were some of the best places to travel in Jaipur. Once you visit them don’t forget to share the experience with us.