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Household Items List To Setup New Home

Date : November 17 2022

It's a perfect time to relocate and plan to move into a new house. However, it dwells you with different emotions within this single purpose. In this kind of situation, you don't know how to set up your new house after you are done with the shifting and it's time that you have to start your life in this new house.

So if you are also confused about how to set up your new house and where to start then here is the household items list which will help you get settled in your new house with baby steps. No matter if it's, your newly built home, or an unfurnished home, this post is going to help you set every inch of your house step by step. So, don't go anywhere stick to this post till the end. Along with this, you will get to know how to prepare a budget and never go beyond it and the actual household goods list needed after relocation.

To get a convenient and hassle-free household shifting experience make sure that you are appointing a household relocation service partner to look after all these. So, that you don't have to rush everything on your own. However, start searching for the best-suited shifting services prior to a month to avoid any kind of hassle at the actual time.

After the chaos of this world, we come home to relax, to take a rest, and spend some time with our loved ones. This is why it is very dear to us and who loves a messy home creating negative vibes? A home that is properly set up and clean, spacious, comfortable, and luxurious appeal more to you.

So, when you are the owner of the house, you have the liberty to design and decorate it the way you want. The bright side of this is the excitement and enthusiasm of setting up a new house from zero.

Biggest factor dominating the setup of your house

At first, it may seem confusing to you but the type of property you own plays a crucial role in setting up new space for you. So, the type of house that I have set up may not be the same for you. You would be planning or have already got ready to move into an apartment, bungalow, studio apartment, or even a semi-furnished flat as well. So, taking a great idea of your space, you have to decide on the household goods list with which you will be setting up your home.

Coming up with an inventory will give you many favors. It will keep you organized at the time of shifting. However, you cannot think of everything on your own. The initial days in your new house are so crucial because you won't see the new house with its old settings.

One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind that make sure that reduce the weight of luggage while shifting. As you would have fewer goods which will create less worries and tasks for you. It will be easy to set them up in your new house.

To start off with the initial days in your new house, you will have to buy some basic yet essential things. However, before you step out to buy these things, you need to check your budget once. Make sure to get the proper measurement of space and set priorities. This is what we are going to discuss in this post.

Let's start with setting up your new house

1- Kitchen

Kitchen Appliances List

When we are talking about the kitchen how can we forget the kitchen? So, the kitchen needs to be set up by the moment you are in the house.

However, at the time of packing up kitchen essentials, it is important to make sure that there are no scratches. A basic warning is that electrical gadgets also need proper packing and transportation. Some of the common household articles name are chinaware, silverware, glassware, etc. We can find different types of items in this particular room. Because this is the room where food is prepared and cooked.

This is the reason why you need to ensure that every kitchen item is packed properly and with the correct method. So, that they would be safe while relocating. Now, this calls for great help from shifting service partners who offer reliable household relocation services at affordable prices. Here is the household goods list for kitchen.

Baking tray Board for chopping fruits, vegetables etc Can opener Refrigerator Oven Dishwasher
Microwave Kitchen Table Measuring Cups Kitchen towels Can/BottleOpener
Mixing Bowls Juicer Mixer Grinder Blender Crockery Set Glasses
Cups & Saucers Coffee Mugs Colander Oven gloves Spatula

2- Living room

Living Room Appliances List

Apart from the kitchen we spend our free time or relaxing time in the living room. It is the area where we even welcome our guests and have some gupshup. This is why a living room also demands both fragile and durable items with extra attention and care. Here is the home essentials listfor living room.

Bar Stool Small Desk Desk
Bar Portable Table Lamp Chair Overstuffed
Cabinet Curio Pedestal Lamp Music Cabinet
Bench Piano Upright Piano Grand
Bookcase Large Planter Small Planter
Cabinet Carpet Rugs
Bookshelves Sofa Three Seater Sofa Single Seater
Cabinet Small Speakers Stereo System
Cabinet Large Stereo Console Coffee Table
Arm Chair Tables TV Stand
Rocking Chair TV Big TV Small
Occasional Chair TV Big Screen VCR
LD Player CD Player Photo frames

3- Bedroom

Bedroom Appliances List

Now the most loved and most important part of a house is a bedroom. This is the room where we take rest and sleep overnight. So, this is why it is one of the most important and comfortable rooms that include a lot of items. And, they are the items that are needed to be handled with care. Their safety should be your utmost priority.

Now, the number of items that can go in this area of your house totally depends on the size of your bedroom. So, here is the household items list for your bedroom.

Single Bed Double Bed Box Beds
Bunk Bed Water Bed Dresser
Chest of Drawer Night Table Chairs
Single Bed Double Bed King Size Bed
Cot Couch Sofa
Bunk Bed Diwan Bed Chest of Drawer
Side Tables Cabinet Chairs
Linens Carpets Rugs
Curtain Curtain Rods Pillows
Mattress Lampshades Night Table
Alarm Clock Wastepaper Bin Hangers
Wardrobe Office Chair Dresser

4- Kid’s Room

Kid’s Room Appliances List

How can we forget about the little cute bundle of joy, the main lights of the house, and our kids? You can refer to a kid's room to be a nursery which is basically a room dedicated to your kid. However, this room is planned to have a variety of items that kids love to use. Sometimes you feel crucial to pack everything for shifting the house. There are many dedicated packers and movers in Jaipur available that are experts in packing kid’s possession. So, here is the home essentials list for a nursery. Here you go:

Kid’s Beds Single Bed Toddler Beds
Kids’ Tables Kids’ Storage Tween Beds
Baby Carriage Child Desks Child Chair
Toys & Games Stroller Blankets & quilts
Comforter & bedspread Pillows & Cushions Soft Toys
Rugs Lamps Mirrors
Baby Carriage Bed Youth Child Chair
Changing Table Chest Chest Toy
Stroller Toys Child Table
Table DVD Players with Kids Videos Alarm Clock
Bookshelves Photos, Frames, Posters, etc Decorative Objects
Backpack Bags Nightlight Torch & Flashlight
Ceiling Fan AC Miscellaneous Items

5- Study or Office room

Study or Office room Appliances List

You have kids or a job that you manage from home which demands an office setup or study room. Further, there are people who have a study room that is used for study, paperwork, writing, computer work, or even for reading. You can even say it is a mini office. So, there goes a lot of different items for official or study purposes. Here are the household articles name list for you to refer for this room. Here you go:

Book Case Computer Computer Desk
Copier Fax Machine Desk Office
Executive Chair Filing Cabinet Safe
Desk/Table Chairs Computer
Laptop Lamp Xerox Machine
Printer Book Shelves Mini Library
Office Chair Books Cabinets
Desk Lamps Lightings Fan
AC Armoire desk Telephone

6- Dining room

Dining room Appliances List

The other most beloved room of our house is the dining room. This is the room where all of the family members gather together and have dinner with having chit-chat fun time. Here is the gharkesamanki list in hindi for dining room.

China Cabinet Cabinet Corner Service Table
Dining Table Table Leaf Hutch (top)
Dining Chairs Tea Cart Sideboard
Serving Dishes Knives and Forks Spoons
Drinking Glasses Paper Towel Holder Food Storage Containers
Dish Rack Bowls Fruit basket

List of some common home appliances and utilities

some common home appliances

We generally dedicate a room to store spare things, utilities, and stuff like that. However, a modern house generally has this room to store appliances as well. Additionally, it is a good choice to hire a packing and moving service partner to look after the packing and transit of your appliances. As they are fragile and important as well. So, expert packers and movers have got the right skills and experience to look after moving appliances from scratch. Here is the gharkesamanki list in hindi for utility room:

Air Conditioner Card Table Aquarium
Cooler Steel Wardrobe Ladder
Sewing Machine Suitcase Shelves
Waste Basket Fan Exercise Equipment
Book Wardrobe  
Refrigerator RO Machine Freezer
Clothes Dryer Washing Machine Drying Cabinet
Dishwasher Water Heater Geyser
Air Conditioner Air Cooler Microwave Oven
Griller Electric Heater Coffee Maker
Blender Grinder & Mixer Juicer
Hair Dryer Vacuum Cleaner Iron & Ironing Board

Set your budget and prioritize

It is one of the important things when you are about to get new things for your first property. However, not everyone has the same budget. This is why it is important that you keep an eye on your budget and buy only the things that are actually required. Because running out of money after shifting wouldn’t be a smart idea. In order to avoid this kind of situation, start to plan everything early.

Take out some time to sit with a paper and focus on your new property then start to note down your budget plus what items you are going to need. So, at first, you need to think of basic needs and then gradually come to decoration or luxury items.

How to save money on setting up new home

As told earlier, setup a budget, even before you plan to setup your new space. If you have a tight budget then there are many ways to buy new things in a cheaper way. So, here are some of the ideas that you can consider. Here you go:

For resale property

Opting to settle down with a resale house or apartment, it is important that you consider checking up the place for what the owner has left behind. There are times when there is a possibility that you are going to buy the furniture, refrigerator, washing machine, and other things under your house charges. However, while signing up for any agreement make sure to check this point beforehand. Some of the basic goods and essential goods will be coming up with your house. This way you won’t have to spend on these but rather save quite a lot of amounts as well.

In case of having a garden in your second-hand apartment or house, you are going to be needing the basic things that are essential to maintain the garden. For this, you can even consult the old house owner. Some of the basic things required for garden maintenance are lawnmower, rake, shovel, trowel, etc.

For brand new house or apartment

When you are going to start your life in a brand new apartment or house then there are a couple of things that you need to check. Most of the cases include common standard specifications such as dishwasher, deep freeze, refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, sinks, etc. If these are included in your contract then you are going to save a lot of money.