How To Take A Legal Action Against Packers And Movers

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How To Take A Legal Action Against Packers And Movers

Date : December 20, 2021

Relocation is not an easy task at all, or when you hire packers and movers, you should be aware of moving company frauds and scams. It is a very big problem if you are unaware of that because frauds and spammers are everywhere.

Unfortunately, the Relocation process is a hectic task, and when you trap by some rogue packers and movers, it turns into a nightmare.

Who are the packers and movers?

Who are the packers and movers?

Packers and movers will help you pack your belongings and move those belongings to the place where you want most safely and conveniently.

One of the most striking features of the packers and movers is that they accept full responsibility for their belongings. If any damage is caused to the belongings, they need to recover those damages.

When these types of services started in India, two different sets of people used to deal with two different groups of tasks: one used to pack all your materials in proper kinds of packing materials and then the other was responsible for the transportation of those goods. However, with time, both of these services are provided by the same single service provider.

There are generally two types of packers and movers in the market. Firstly, the public or local packers and movers help the local public shift their belongings from one place to another when they shift their houses. Secondly, the industrial packers and movers help the industries shift their goods for various purposes from one place to another. Generally, a person should prefer using a professional company which provides these services as they provide better guarantee and insurance of your goods.

Let's talk about what legal action you can take against the fraud packers and movers.

Can an FIR be filed against Packers and Movers Company?

You can also file an FIR against the Packers and Movers Company at your nearest police station. Still, generally, the police do not file FIR in cases related to the unofficial inquiry. Still, when a prime facie deceit is proved, the police will lodge an FIR under section 421 of the Indian penal code under FRAUD. You can also file a consumer case and an FIR simultaneously.

If you have taken the insurance of the goods, you can immediately claim insurance from the insurance companies to recover the damages easily. Claiming insurance is no bar to lodging FIR. You can lodge FIR for the insured goods as well.

You can hire an advocate and send a legal notice to the Company, and then the proceedings will be held in court. You can also file a consumer complaint and a case in a court of law at the same time. There is no bar to it.

5 Effective Ways to Complain About a Company Online

5 Effective Ways to Complain About a Company Online
  • 1. Go to the company website.
  • 2. Write email on company official email id.
  • 3. Share your complaint on an online forum
  • 4. Write bad reviews.
  • 5. Post on social media

What to do when you feel Cheated by Packers and Movers?

We all know that Packers and Movers in Jaipur are not the same. Depending upon the total distance covered and the type of services available, these moving organizations decide the pattern of their charges. But many times, it is found that different moving organizations also overcharge their customers and ignore the charges mentioned in the written contract. In this case, a layman wants to take legal actions against their packers and movers. So, here, we are providing an idea of what can be done by different individuals whenever they feel cheated by movers and packers.

First of All, approach your Moving Company: Proper communication is a great remedy to solve different sorts of hurdles on your way. So, when you feel grievances with your concerned moving professionals, talk to them about your misapprehensions, submit proof of the cheatings and ask them to revert as soon as possible. If the moving company cares for its reputation, it will take due actions to redress the moving company's complaint. So, the first step must be to contact your moving company to resolve your differences, if any. If the moving companies professionals take your complaint seriously and help you solve the entire matter, don't forget to convey thanks to the moving company.

Go to Consumer Court for the Solution of Disputes: If you are not paid by your moving professionals against the damages done by their professionals, you can go to consumer court. You can file a complaint under section 12 of the Consumer protection act 1986 to recover the amount lost due to damages done by the moving professionals. You can either approach the consumer forum or can also avail of filing an online complaint against movers and packers.

File an FIR against the Moving Company: You also have the option of filing an FIR at your nearest police station against the fraud done by the moving professionals. This FIR can be filed under section 421 of the Indian Penal Code. But an important point to note in this regard is that the police will entertain your complaint only when the crime is proved at the time of the first inspection, and otherwise, the complaint registered by you will be dislodged.

Ask for an Insurance claim from your Insurance Company: In case your goods are covered under insurance, you can straightway ask for compensation for the damages done by your moving professionals from your insurance company. It will save you from unnecessary hassles.

How to Avoid Fraud Packers And Movers?

  • 1. Verified All the Legal Documents
  • 2. Always Hire IBA Approved Packers & Movers
  • 3. Pay A Visit To Their Physical Office
  • 4. Avoid! Cash Payments
  • 5. Always Ask Moving Quotes in Writing OR Email
  • 6. Check Website of Packers & Movers
  • 7. Negative Review and Rating

Final Thoughts:

If the Packers and Movers have cheated upon you, you must file a complaint either in the consumer court or file a legal FIR against Packers and Movers.