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December Global Holidays

Date : May 09 2022

We all get excited for December as it is filled up with lots of holidays. However, December has a long list of global holidays. Rest of the months have a little amount of holidays but December has a huge amount of holidays.

This is the month that hosts all manner of festivals and events across globe. You can find a lot of December global holidays, national holidays, festive holidays and religious holidays and the list is never ending. So, if you think that Christmas and New year's evening are only two major holidays in December then you are wrong. However, there are many of the other holidays and festivities that falls in December. Different countries have different culture followed during December month.

When you are eager to know all the world's holidays that falls in December then you have landed at the very right page. In this piece, we are going to be entailing all the holidays in December. So, without any further ado, let's get started.

List of Global Holidays in December

1- Hanukkah

This festival is celebrated for continuous eight days in Jerusalem. Hanukkah comes under one of the major festivals in December and on occasion of this festival people get together with their family and friends. So, this festival evolved in Israel and then story involves jews when they used to fight back against Greeks. So this is the stroy of a little jug of oil which was predicted to help them for a day but somehow it helped them to survive for 8 days. So, basically Hanukkah is the anniversary of that miracle.

So, it is known to be a major international holidays in December which attracts visitors across the world. On this occasion the enthusiast take flights and celebrate special delicacies, specially prepared for Hanukkah. Some of the popular dishes during Hanukkah such as latkes which is actually a pancake and jelly doughnut. Recently this festival is celebrated in different corners of the world as the people are getting aware about this Jewish Heritage.

The date of celebration is from 28th November to 6th December.

2- Krampusnacht

The next up Global holidays in December is known to be Krampusnacht in Austria, Germany. This festival is celebrated for the coming of Krampus, which is actually a demonic creature. Now, this creature punishes children who are naughty.

Apart from that, there's no solid news on origin of this festival. But some people believe that it has started from during Christmas season to make children behave properly.

However the festival is also celebrated in some part of Europe as well by the beginning of the December month. Different corners celebrates this december global holidays differently.

To celebrate this festival, some of the men of the town get dressed as scary creatures and visit houses to scare children. This has gain popularity as one of the popular holidays of December in Europe region. Now, in Europe this festival is celebrated by throwing party, parades and having yummy snacks, drinks along with music.

3- Kwanzaa

The next up global holidays of December we have on our list is Kwanzaa. This festival is celebrated one week long which starts from 26th of December to 1 January. This festival is a culture of African-Americans heritage.

There are millions of people in United States region who celebrates this festival by putting up traditional Africans attire. On the other hand, this festival is celebrated by dressing up eldest daughter in white dress and serve coffee and baked items like lussekatter which is actually a saffron bread and ginger biscuits. They serve these things to guests and family members.

Kwanzaa, a world's holidays which is celebrated by decorating houses by using fruits, vegetables and even light up a candle which is a candle holder.

4- World's AIDS day

December 1st is dedicated to show support and raise global awareness to those fighting against AIDS/HIV. So, this is the next up december holidays around the world which has been celebrated since 1988.

This day of December provides us opportunity to remember thise who have lost their life because of HIV/AIDS. This day is celebrated with aim to encourage everyone across the world to get tests done related to HIV/AIDS and confirm their reports and status.

This is the correct time to advertise the message of prevention and elaborate the methods to minimize the risks of this virus.

5- Yule

The next on the list of international holidays in December and it is also known as Yuletide. This festival is celebrated among German across the world. This festival is celebrated to remember Norse god Odin.

Yule comes during Winter Solstice which makes it most famous holidays around the world. So, ancient people used to celebrate this festival by lighting a huge bonfire and spend the whole night staying outside the home. However, the culture of burning log is followed till today. On this day, people decorate Yule trees and even plan for candle light dinner.

6- Christmas Day

As everyone knows that the major Global holidays in December is Christmas. Different people loves to celebrate this day differently as some people visits church but some people hosts family gatherings as well.

The festival is celebrated on 25th of December. There's this common saying that goes like world was dark before we had light which simply means that Jesus came down to earth. Jesus is known to be the saviour who lighted hope and joy across world. And, people pay tribute to Jesus by celebrating this occasion.

There are some of the special food which are cooked by this day such as ham and cookies. Some people celebrate it by throwing party and exchanging gifts. Christmas is the festival when people wait for this evening to get gifts and prizes from their father, friends and family.

7- Omisaka

The other festival on the list of global holidays is Omisaka which is celebrated on 31st of December in Japanese culture. However, it is also termed as Japanese New Year. It is celebrated as removing unwanted and de-culttering their homes from top to bottom which is basically known to purify homes. People throw party and plan giant feast with their family and friends by preparing some Japanese delicacies.

8- New Year's Evening

The most famous and year's change which is known as December global holidays is New Years Evening and it is celebrated on 31st of December. Again different people have different culture to follow this day as some attend parties at the office, eat and plan a resolution for the new year.

People in London, celebrate this day of year really happily as they celebrate it with dinner, music and enjoying this time in a restaurant along with the sceneries of London New Year's Eve fireworks.

New Year's Eve is known to be Global world's holidays as it is the last day of year.

This occasion is celebrated to bid a warm good bye to the year that is going to end and welcome the next year with a huge hug.

9- Boxing Day

The next festival that we have on our list is Boxing Day. This festival is celebrated by the next day of Christmas Day. It celebrated by giving the foods and money to servants and poor.

This is known to be lovely December holidays around the world as boxing day is celebrated by shopping sales or visiting beach.

This festival is celebrated by many countries and is known to be a very important and famous holiday after Christmas. This day is dedicated to honour the people who work for public like postman, workers, guards, cooks, etc. They get presents with some appreciation notes, gifts and prizes.

10- St.Stephen's Day

This day is celebrated every year on, 26th of December. This festival is celebrated in the memory of St.Stephen because he was killed by stones after his preaching of people for 40 days.

However, legend Stephen died holding a stone which was given to him by Lord Jesus. Now, Lord promised him that none of his followers would die because of it.

On the other hand, this is the international holidays in December celebrated in UK. This festival is celebrated with preparing some special dishes such as stuffed cabbage and buckwheat dumplings which is known as Halushky.

11- Festivus

The last but not the least on the list of our global holidays is Festivus which us celebrated on 23rd of December. This festival has gained its popular in 1997 because of an episode from "The Strike".

So, basically it is a false holiday which is celebrated for awareness of Christmas materialism.

This unique festival is celebrated by standing around a plain aluminium pole unlike Christmas where they buy expensive gifts. Feats of strength and airing of grievances are the two famous Festivus traditions. While on the other side the holiday has gained its popularity, especially among tight budget people and minimalistic people.

So, these were some of the Global holidays in December that we celebrate in the month of December. If we slipped any of the festival let us know in the comments.